Emperor Kwan-Wu of Eastern Han Mutton Fat White Jade Paperweight



H. 7cm, D. 7.5cm, Weight: 500g.


dscn0527-001This seal-form paperweight (paper had been used before Eastern Han Dynasty ) is made of mutton white jade (test result from gem lab ) with carving style of Han Dynasty. The inscription of “Kwan-Wu-Yu-Zhi(光武御製)” on the bottom side of the paperweight has clearly indicated the item belongs to the imperial palace of Emperor Kwan Wu, the first emperor of the Eastern Han dynasty of China. Antiquity evidences include diffusive marking , differential weathering and additive crystal.


The paperweight has a high relief dragon carving with the body curling around the head. The imposing and majestic looking of the dragon has been thoroughly expressed. In addition, the round and smooth carving has made it easy for holding by hand. It symbolizes that all the livings and properties under the heaven are under the emperor’s control. (Left image is the modern glass paper weight sold in National Palace Museum in Taiwan gift shop)光武御制羊脂白玉蟠龙纹文镇. H. 7cm, D. 7.5cm。 圆形纸镇上端蟠龙龙身环绕盘旋于龙身四周, 身躯剧烈扭动, 龙首昂举张口, 气势威猛雄奇. 然而整体造型为圆弧状, 外缘平滑, 易于手掌抓取. 象征天下苍生之一切, 都在帝王掌握之中. 文镇底部以圆形阳线雕刻篆体”光武御制”铭文,本件前件光武御制羊脂白玉玉鹰砚滴係汉光武帝御用器物. 本器差异风化,扩散晕沁色增生晶体明显。

Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade: 10
  2. rareness: 10
  3. historical and cultural significance: 10
  4. workmanship: 10
  5. size:8
  6. condition: 10



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