Hongshan Dynasty Tri-Bi Axe, 紅山文化玉斧L.29cm,W.13cm, 1020grams



09951Bi, ax, C-dragon are usually seen in Hongshan Culture. This artifact has been dexterously combined the three into one piece. This was an artistic achievement five thousand years ago. The sizes of bis are increasingly larger from the top to the bottom. There is a dragon with S shape like those in the Warring States ( the S shape dragon may be derived from Hongshan culture) on one side with the head lies clockwise along the whole of the middle bi and the tail lie anti-clockwise along the hole of the bottom bi.

00001The edges of the whole ax has been sharpened like blade. With streamline carving and mastery workmanship, this Tri Bi Ax is similar to the one ( H.6.4 cm) unearthed from graveyard in Hutougou village, Fuxin County, Liaoning Province, a collection  of Museum of Liaoning Province. Antiquity evidences include differential weathering, additive crystal and diffusive markings.


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