Warring States Jade Dragon Ring, W. 19.3cm, L.32cm 戰國玉瑗




Carved with green yellow tone hetian jade, this object is skillfully designed with a standing dragon coupling a ring of which one side carved with two low relief phoenixes on the front and crop motif on the back. The carving style has the Warring States motif and the connected thin incised lines. Antiquity evidences include dissolved pits, additive crystal and calcification.战国玉瑗, W. 19.3cm, L.32cm。 本器青黄色和田玉雕琢, 玉龙站立在玉瑗之前, 威风凛凛, 大有王者之风.玉瑗一面为龙凤纹高浮雕, 一面为勾连云纹浅浮雕,具战国纹饰溶风格. 全器刀工流畅精美, 有增生晶体及钙化等古玉迹象。S__2842636

Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade: 10
  2. rareness: 10
  3. historical and cultural significance: 9
  4. workmanship: 10
  5. size:9
  6. condition: 10

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