Sanxingdui Culture Jade Knight on Camel三星堆駱駝騎士座, H.18.5cm

Having two humps, the camel of this artifact is bosom. With eyes having a piercing gleam, the mouth of the camel is open to outcry. The knight on the camel back tries to get some water from the canteen, preparing for a long and tough journey in the immense desert. The artifact is made of white nephrite with obvious phenomenon of red brown markings, cleaving veins and dissolved pits.

DSCN0528本件玉駱駝騎士座, 騎士面具及服裝的造型, 與本網站鎮國將軍較小之武士所戴面具及服裝相似, 而該武士底座則刻有戰國風格之辟邪,因此, 推論本件為古蜀文化戰國時代的作品. 本件古蜀文化駱駝騎士中之雙峰駱駝, 體形豐滿肥碩, 眼睛炯炯有神, 昂首張嘴作嘶叫狀; 騎士則提起行軍水袋,準備補充水分, 以便與其沙漠之舟的駱駝, 在一望無垠的沙漠上, 繼續跋涉. 本件之玉質為和田白玉, 全器受鐵礦及泥土侵蝕, 呈紅色及黃色擴散暈沁色及溶蝕孔差異風化增生晶體現象明顯

Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade:9
  2. rareness: 10
  3. historical and cultural significance: 9
  4. workmanship: 9
  5. size: 7
  6. condition: 9


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