Western Han Dynasty Jade Ko Halberd Ax 西漢黃玉玉戈


Jade Ko Halberd Ax Certificate

Jade Ko Halberd Ax, L.13cm, H.7.7cm, T.0.4cm, 45grams. Deriving from the pattern of Shang Dynasty’s bronze ko halberd axe ,made of extreme nice quality of Hetian jade, this ko halberd axe is designed by unifying the blade, the flange and the tang into a whole object. The blade whose edge is sharp is seen a nice curving line starting from the tip reaching to the flange. Three vertical rectangular holes have been drilled for the flange while on horizontal one is seen on the tang. Both the blade and the tang are decorated with connected cloud motif.

The quality of jade and carving style of  this Ko is similar to the one of unearthed from Xi Shan Han Graveyard, Mangshan township, YongCheng County,  Honan Provice,  A colmp8526829_1427681313792_14lection of Shangqiu Museum of Honan Province(L.11.3cm, T. 0.5cm) in terms of jade , carving style and motif.

Aging evidences are obvious to include differential weathering, diffusive marking and cleaving vein. With mastery workmanship and best best quality jade, this Han Dynasty ko is one of valuable collectives.

Appraisal Indexes:
1. quality of jade: 10
2. rareness: 10
3. historical and cultural significance: 10
4. workmanship: 10
5. size:7
6. condition: 9
汉代玉戈, L.13cm, H.7.7cm, T.0.4cm, 45g. 本器顶级和田黄玉雕琢, 商代青铜斧头造型, 与河南省博物馆收藏之玉戈(L.11.3cm, T.0.5cm) 雷同。 本器纹饰双对称, 援部中央有尖峰形沟漕, 刃部锋利, 胡部有三个长方形穿, 内部则有一个长方形穿, 全器双面饰阴线勾联云纹, 有扩散晕沁色古玉迹象。



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