Genuine and fake calcification 如何區別古玉之自然鈣化與偽造鈣化

The phenomenon of calcification is believed to be caused by decomposing the structural water of the jade. The cause of decomposition may be from the interaction of heat and the pressure of the environment where the jade is buried.  Another explanation is that calcification is caused by the interaction of the jade and the surrounding calcium where the antique jade buried. Most people tend to in favor of this kind explanation of jade calcification before any scientific proof has been found. It should be noted that fake calcification jades are often found in fake jades. 一般認為古玉鈣化的形成原因, 可能是起因於古玉解構水之分解. 而古玉解構水之分解可能是受到古玉埋藏環境地熱及地底壓力之影響所致. 另外一種解釋可能是受到埋藏古玉附近的鈣原素影響, 而許多研究者傾向於後者的解釋. 值得注意的是, 偽古玉大多從鈣化作偽進行.






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