Songze culture (3400 BCE– 3300 BCE)

The Songze culture was a later stage of the Majiabang culture (which emerged c.5000 BCE) and before the Liangzhu Culture materialized in the lower Yangzi region c.4000 BCE and was given its name after the site of Songze in Shanghai. The general dates in which the Songze culture flourished is usually set between 3400 BCE – 3300 BCE and it was these people that are considered to be one of the ancestors of the Shanghai people.

Jade plaques and bracelets are the common kinds Songze jades. Hole drilling pattern which serves an important aspect in authentication Songze jade plaques has the characteristics of those of Xia jades ( two directional drilling with polishing both sides) and  those of Qijia jades. There is one unique reverse double L shape carvings from the open edge which usually be seen in Songze jades may be served as signs of identification for Songze jades.