Spring-Autumn & Warring States Periods (770 BCE- 221 BCE)

The Spring-Autumn & Warring States Periods are also called Eastern Zhou Dynasty. The carving style of the jade artifacts for the Spring-Autumn period (770 BCE – 403 BCE) is derived from the late Western Zhou dynasty and has been developed into a style with more detailed motifs and lining. The bosom auspicious cloud is the typical motif of this period. Tiger plaque with curling body is the typical jade of this period. In addition, jade mouse and jade toad decorated with bosom auspicious clouds are popular. Sample Spring-Autumn jades are as follows:

1.Spring Autumn Dragon Fish, 春秋玉龍魚L.8.3cm,50 grams.

2.Spring Autumn Jade Cong, H. 29cm, D.7cm, 3500grams

3.Spring Autumn Jade Mouse, L.10cm, H.4cm,W.3.5cm, 220grams.

4.Spring Autumn Jade Tiger,L.7.5cm,H.1.7cm,W. 1.7cm, 50grams

5.3291       6.Spring Autumn Jade plaque, L. 7.3cm, W. 5cm, 75grams春秋玉珮

7.Spring Autumn Jade plaque, 春秋玉珮L. 8.5cm, W.3. 5cm, 60grams

8.Spring Autumn Jade Plaque,春秋虎珮 L.14cm, W.4cm, 100grams

9.Spring Autumn Jade Bi-disk, D. 32.8cm, T. 0.6cm.春秋玉璧

The jade carving of the Warring States (403 BCE – 221 BCE) is of exquisite quality. With a streamlined design, most of the motifs are dragons, phoenixes and dancing ladies. The low relief on the surface of the artifact applies abstract and simplified shapes. Typical bi and cong decorated with dragon, phoenix and priest are popular designs of this perimg201207031625290iod. Many bis are seen with the design of attaching the dragon or phoenix on both sides of the bi. Various styles of crop motif are emerged in this period. Open work jade plaques decorated with dragon, phoenix by various shapes are very popular.Sample Warring States jades are as follows:

1.Warring States Jade Cong, 戰國玉琮H. 30.4cm

2.Jade Vase, H. 13cm, W.9.8cm, 510grams

3.Warring States Jade Vase, H. 21cm

4.Warring States Jade Vase, H. 22cm

5.Warring States Jade censer, L.7.5cm,H.5cm,W.4cm

6.Warring States Jade plaque, D. 7.5cm, 50 grams

7.Warring States Jade Plaque, W. 15cm, H.8cm, 110grams

8.Warring States Jade Huang, L.25cm, H.9cm, 190 grams戰國玉璜

9.Warring States Jade plaque,H.11cm,W.6cm, T.0.5cm,51.5grams

10.Warring States Jade plaque,H. 7.1cm, W.6.0cm,. T.0.5cm, 51 grams.

11.Warring States Jade Huang, L. 13.2cm, W.2.8cm, T. 0.5cm, 45grams

12.Warring States Jade Dragon Ring, W. 19.3cm, L.32cm 戰國玉瑗

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