Tang Dynasty (618 CE -906 CE) Jade Carving Style

The contents of jades in the Tang dynasty are characterized as realistic and related to daily life. Most traditional styles of dragon and phoenix motifs tend to be amiable in this period. Their appearances are no more majestic and imposing like those of previous 158748526006077411dynasties.   Buddhist sculptures and jades with gold gilt, jade shapes of Flying Apsara and figurines from central Asia are popular.   The varieties of the Tang jades are rich. There are mainly three categories. The first category relates to practical utensils such as jade cups, jade spoons, jade plates, jade bowls, jade boxes, and jade cans. The second category relates to women wearing accessories and hair care items such as a hairpin, dangling ornament, bracelet, and comb. The third category relates to the jade booklet for the imperial ceremony.  One of the major carving styles of the Tang jades is the slant carving of the motif on the surface with trimming the empty background. Incised lines are often applied similar to the painting sketches. The main theme motif is shown convex and prominent with dense incised lines to express the lines of the motif especially for the clothes. Owing to the particular s__3743766-1cultural280px-tangtaizong development such as the Tang trio color ceramics, many jade artifacts are painted with rich colors and gilt with gold.158725859055901178

Sample jades are as follows:158748521049895214

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