Spring Autumn Jade plaque, 春秋玉珮L. 8.5cm, W.3. 5cm, 60grams

85Handsomely crafted by yellow tone jade, this jade plaque resembles a reduced-size mask. The front side shows a convex plain with a bump at the center where sees a hole at the upper. The thickness gradually decreases to both edges. The upper edge has three grooves. The lower end is narrower and has round corners. The major motif of the front side is low relief Deity face. The forehead of the Deity face has two dragons. The rest area is padding with cloud motifs in both low relief and incised lines styles. This jade plaque shows great attention to detail, phenomenal subtlety of surface and fluent lines. Antiquity evidences are are different weathering, dissolved pits and calcification.

Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade: 7
  2. rareness: 8
  3. historical and cultural significance: 7
  4. workmanship: 8
  5. size: 3
  6. condition: 10

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