Songze Culture Jade Plaque, w. 9.7cm,35grams



Songze Culture Jade Plaque, w. 9.7cm,35grams


The design of the jade plaque very similar to shape of sperm whale which might be seen by people of Songze since their settlement close to the ocean.

與出土崧泽文化玉珮比較, 本器之形制, 刀工及鑽孔特徵接近崧泽文化玉珮. 古玉之跡象有溶蝕孔, 差異風化及古代工具之痕跡.本器之造型酷似抹香鲸, 從崧泽文化近海洋之地理環境言,抹香鲸為本玉珮之主題可能性甚大.
Appraisal Indexes:
  1. quality of jade: 6
  2. rareness: 9
  3. historical and cultural significance:7
  4. workmanship: 7
  5. size: 3
  6. condition: 10



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