Shang Dynasty Phoenix Jade plaque商玉鳳鳥珮


1310121003042223Shang Dynasty Phoenix Jade plaque,H. 9.5cm, W. 4cm,40grams. Similar to several other Shang Dynasty jade phoenix plaque, the present object is carved with fine quality Hetain jade with apple green tone. The eye has the shape of water drop which is the typical phoenix eye in the context of Chinese culture. The crown is a wave structure with two holes. The back has a convex structure with two holes, the rump has a convex structure with one hole. The wing is designed with con vex line forming from two concave lines.  The tail is elongated with two branches. There are two holes between the rump and the tail. With mastery carving, it is a nice jade phoenix plaque. Antiquity evidences include diffusive markings, cleaving vein and dissolve pits.