Spring Autumn Jade Tiger 春秋玉虎

18979S__2826275Spring Autumn Jade Tiger,L.7.5cm,H.1.7cm,W. 1.7cm, 50grams

Made of Hetian jade with green tone, this jade tiger has the motif of auspicious cloud with Autumn Spring period style. The open work carving at the mouth has demonstrated highly skillful way to drill the holes with tiny remaining connecting areas which is almost not possible to achieve (see the close-up image for the teeth) using modern tools( Genuineness may be thus implied ). In addition to the mastery workmanship, antiquity evidences of cleaving vein, differential weathering, additive crystals and calcification are presented.本器青玉雕琢,老虎作匍匐狀, 全身琢春秋特色的如意雲紋, 尾部部鈣化跡象明顯.

Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade: 7
  2. rareness: 6
  3. historical and cultural significance: 5
  4. workmanship: 7
  5. size: 3
  6. condition: 10