Jadeite Plaque, H. 9cm, W. 5.9cm, T.0.7cm, 95grams

69b0005bd8415d69a33 (1)Carved with jadeite, the object has oval shape. The motifs on both sides are different.  One one side, a deer coaching on the rock with the head looking backward had relax mood. Above the deer, there are banana leaves to convey the meaning of successful career, a  bat to convey the meaning of good luck, a flower to convey the meaning of thriving business. On the other side, a phoenix standing on a maple tree is carved to carry the meaning of auspice. The lower part is seen a bridge crossing rocks from both ends to carry the meaning of all the difficulties will be solved. The workmanship of this piece is extraordinary fine. The carving style is relief by lowering the ground level.

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