Cicada only drinks dew to survive. 飲而不食者,蟬也



Liangzhu Culture Jade Cicada 飲而不食者,蟬也–良渚文化玉蟬,寬8.3cm, 高17cm本器之玉蟬造型底部扁平, 背部呈弧形凸起, 兩個長方形的眼睛位於前方左右兩側, 頸部有一條以雲氣迴旋紋與交叉平行陰線組成的紋飾, 蟬翼則以壓地技法雕成的60度圓角曲線表示, 蟬翼尾部則呈現鋸齒狀.玉蟬背面中間為良渚文化典型神面紋. 本器之線條流暢, 刀工優美, 係良渚文化之精品.此外, 本器差異風化, 蝕孔. 冰裂紋,晶面曝露及增生晶体之跡象明顯.(插圖:

清 蔣廷錫《柳蟬圖》故宮藏品)



u Culture,Jade Cicada W. 8.3cm, H.17cm, 560grams. With a flat back side, the cicada has two high relief rectangular eyes on each side of the head. A circular line with intersections design is at the neck. The wings are carved with 60 degree round curve by the technique of surface pressed down to show the raising effect. The tail is seen the shape of saw notches. The typical deity face motif of Liangzhu culture is seen on  the back.  With streamline carving and mastery workmanship, this cicada is one of the masterpiece of Liangzhu jade. Antiquity evidences include differential weathering, additive crystal, exposed crystal plane and dissolved pits.(Illustration: Cicada on willow tree by Jiang Tingxi , Qing Dynasty, Collection of Palace Museum)

Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade: 8
  2. rareness: 10
  3. historical and cultural significance: 9
  4. workmanship: 10
  5. size:7
  6. condition: 10