Ritual Jade Artifacts in Ancient China

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Ritual jade artifacts are used for praying for good harvests without flood and drought. Ritual jade artifacts in ancient China consist of six worshiping items and six ceremonial items. The six worshiping items are bi-disk for the heavenly deities, Cong for earthly spirits, Kwei, Zhang, Webp.net-gifmaker - 2020-07-18T100946.979Huang or arched plaque and tiger-shape plaque for the four deities in the four directions. The six ceremonial items serving as insignia conferred to the six ranks of emperor, king, duke, earl, viscount, baron with four different kweis and two different bi-disks. This guide only presents the images of these six worshiping items here. The fact that the ritual jades are the characteristics in Chinese culture may serve as the evidence the Sanxingdui Culture which has jades with the six worshiping items is not from other cultures.