A comparison on the terminology between the elements of art work and the Chinese jade

Dr. Marilyn Stokstad mentions in her Art History that there are two levels of art elements: the first level consists of form and content, the second level consists of style and medium. The elements of form include line, shape, color, texture, space, mass, volume and composition. The elements of content include period style, regional style, presentational style and abstract style. The medium refers to material.

The elements of Chinese antique jade consist of object’s name, material, age, carving style, motif and theme.


88GL53101For example:

Object name: jade plaque

measurement: L.25.5cm, W.20.5cm, T.0.2cm, 248grams

material: green tone jade

form: mythical animal (pixiu)

age: Han Dynasty

carving style: open work

theme: ideal life in haven