Chubby May not be the Criteria of Beauty in the Tang Dynasty 顛覆“以胖为美” 的唐代美女看法

鄭直在唐朝歷史百科2011-11-27提出五種理由, 認為唐朝並非真正「以胖為美」 本器黃玉雕琢, 鳳眼, 瓜子臉, 櫻桃嘴, 這樣的美女顛覆了「以胖為美」 的唐代美女看法.本器有擴散暈沁色, 溶蝕孔及鈣化現象明顯.Carve with yellow jade, the eyes like those of phoenix, the lip like the cherry the face has the shape of melon seed, this is the most beautiful lady in the Chinese jade ever found. Antiquity evidences of dissolved pits, calcification and diffusive markings are presented.

Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade: 8
  2. rareness: 10
  3. historical and cultural significance: 9
  4. workmanship: 10
  5. size:10
  6. condition: 9


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