Warring States Jade Vase, H. 22cm, W.10-6cm

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在中國古玉文化中, 玉樽係作為盛酒之器,或飲酒時作為酒杯。 本器和田黃玉雕琢, 形制為玉樽. 就造型而言,全器區分為上中下三部分,  上大下小, 從正面看,上中二區略呈倒梯形, 下區呈正梯形。 最上區長與高大於寬, 立體略呈弧形;  中間區長大於寬及高, 呈倒梯形立方體;  最下區則長大於寬及高呈上小下大弧形立方體。 上端正面飾鳳鳥淺浮雕, 減地雕法, 鳳鳥尾部羽毛誇張地拉長, 反復折疊。上端側面飾龍紋減地淺浮雕,龍身亦誇張地拉長,反復折疊。 此種誇張地拉長,反復折疊紋飾可能 是九疊篆的創作靈感。中間呈上寬下窄矩形, 矩形正面及側面表面飾神面減地淺浮雕,神面前額飾羽葆。 全器淺浮雕紋飾之上施商代風格折鐵線戈紋游絲陰線。  側面中央有三節突脊, 中間突脊呈波浪形,上下兩個突脊呈勾形。玉樽下端四面共飾游絲陰線蟬紋十隻, 四隻施於四個角, 半隻在一面, 另外半隻在另一面, 增強蟬紋之立體感。古玉跡象有增生晶體及鈣化。


The artifact is made of yellow tone Hetian jade. The object is a jade vase called Zun with three sections.  In ancient Chinese jade culture, the Zun is a wine container of or wine cup.

The whole carving divides into three structures with the largest on the top and decreasing to the bottom.  The structure of the top two has an inverse trapezoid shape while the bottom one has a trapezoid shape.  Two reduced plane low relief phoenixes facing each other are carved on the front plane on the top structure. The feathers of the phoenix are extended elaborately with several repeated twisted carvings.  A similar carving style for the dragons is on the side plane of the top structure.  This kind of elaborated extended artwork may serve as an inspiration for the ninefold seal scripts in the Chinese seal carving style.  The middle structure is decorated with a low relief of God’s face of which a feather decoration is carved on the forehead.  The side planes of the middle structure have three notched decorations at the center, with wave convex square lines in the middle, hooks at the upper and lower positions. The bottom section which is decorated with extreme thin incised line ten cicadae on the four sides is the smallest. Four cicadae are located at the four corners with half body on one side and half-body on the next side to increase the three-dimensional artistic effect.

On all the relief lines, the Shang Dynasty style thin incised lines of hooked weapon shape are decorated. The archaic evidence of differential weathering and additive crystals are found on several spots of the object.