The secret code of Songze jade崧澤文化(3400-3300B.C.)

Where is the secret code? (Hint: check the L shape cut)

The Songze culture was a later stage of the Majiabang culture (which emerged around c.5000 BCE) and before Liangzhu Culture materialized in the lower Yangzi region around c.4000 BCE and was given its name after the site of Songze in Shanghai. The general dates in which the Songze culture flourished is usually given is between 3400 – 3300 BCE and it was these people that are considered to be one of the ancestors of the Shanghai people. Songze Site is the archaeological site of the Neolithic Age and the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476BC). Its cultural relics are divided into three levels according to its stratum: the lowest level but of the highest archaeological value of the three belongs to the Neolithic Age, unearthed relics including storage pits and production tools; the middle level is the tombs of the Matriarchy clan society; and the upper level is the relic of late Western Zhou Dynasty (11th century-771BC) and the Spring and Autumn Period, including pottery, porcelains, stone ware and some bronze.    Hole drilling pattern which serves an important aspect in authentication Songze jade plaques has the characteristics of those of Xia jades( two directional drilling with polishing both sides) and  those of Qijia jades (one directional drilling with polishing one side and leave the other side unpolished )


Songze Culture Jade Plaque, w. 9.7cm,35grams

Songze Culture Jade plaque, w.8,7cm, 35grams

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