An attempt to decode the legendary Ho’s Bi(1)

S__3751948Here we first identify Ho’s bi based on the following documents:

3f1d7e_a72335910f8a40e0b2626a5c96852914韓非子<>: [Warring States (475 BC – 221 BC)]

楚人和氏得玉璞楚山中,奉而獻之厲王,厲王使玉人相之,玉人曰:「石也。」王以和為誑,而刖其左足。及厲王薨,武王即位,和又奉其璞而獻之武王,武王使玉人相之,又曰「石也」,王又以和為誑,而刖其右足。武王薨,文王即位,和乃抱其璞而哭於楚山之下,三日三夜,泣盡而繼之以血。王聞之,使人問其故,曰:「天下之刖者多矣,子奚哭之悲也?」和曰:「吾非悲刖也,悲夫寶玉而題之以石,貞士而名之以誑,此吾所以悲也。」王乃使玉人理其璞而得寶焉,遂命曰:「和氏之璧。」A man from Chu called  Ho found a piece of raw jade in the Chu mountain. He presented it to the King of Chu State, King Li. The King sent the jade carver to check it out. The jade carver said it was an ordinary stone. The King thought Ho cheated him and cut one of his legs. Years later, King Li died and Wu became king. Once more, Ho presented the raw jade to King Wu. The King sent jade carver to check it out and got the same answer. The King had his other leg cut. As time past, King Wu died and Wen became king. Ho cried three days holding the raw jade at the foothill of Chu mountain. He cried so hard that blood came out instead of tear. The King learnt that and sent people to ask the what made him so sad since the leg cutting punishment  was not only has case. Ho replied:” I sad not for my losing legs but for the fact that loyalty was mistaken as cheat.” The King asked the jade carver to cut the raw jade and carved into a Bi which later named as Ho’s bi.

From this document, the Ho’s bi is a bi, not raw jade . In the time period of King, Li, King Wu and King Wen, the Chu State has many jade bi, there is no ambiguity on the definition of bi.Still_2019-05-08_092531_60X_N0165Still_2019-05-08_092404_60X_N0164Still_2019-05-08_092315_60X_N0163