Tang Dynasty, The Six Arms Dorje Tsundi,唐代鎏金羊脂白玉六臂准提佛母座, 通高50cm, 重10kgs.



t10The Six Arms Dorje Tsundi The motif of flying fairies shown on the aureole conforms the genre of those appeared on the jade objects of the Tang dynasty ( such as the wooden Buddha statue in the National Palace Museum in Taipei)  . In addition, the appearance of baring the chest and exposing the arms confirms that of Buddha statue from Tibetan esoteric Buddhism. Four of the six arms of the statute are holding the wheel of the law, ax, main board, miniature Buddha set, the other two hands making mudra of meditation. The inscriptions on the back of aureole are identified that the statue is The Six Arms Dorje Tsundi Bodhisattva. Antiquity identification evidences consist of differential weathering, additive crystal, cleaving vein, deteriorate marking, dissolved pit and diffusive marking. Considering the workmanship, the jade quality, the cultural and historical elements, this   Six Arms Dorje Tsundi  should be one the most precious objects to collect.tang4271本器背光上雕刻的飛天,符合唐代玉器上飛天的特徵(參閱敦煌莫高窟第321窟(初唐)飞天).佛像上身袒胸露背, 肌膚圓潤豐腴, 彎眉曲目, 唇厚嘴小, 項飾三道弧形褶紋, 瓔珞垂胸, 胸腰腹部的肉體極富女性般的豐厚柔韌之美, 符合台北故宮藏盛唐時期佛像的風格(如附圖), 本件六臂臂准提佛母座, 其中一手持法輪, 一手持金剛鉞, 一手持如意寶珠, 一手持小坐佛,其他兩手則結禪定印.準提菩薩背光背光呈馬蹄形,正面頂端為大鵬金翅鳥護法神高浮雕, 背面中間為陰刻之金鳳鳥, 日輪, 及吉祥繩索紋飾. 底部有一直徑為3.5cm 陰刻准提佛母咒輪. 本器有冰裂紋, 增生晶體,差異風化, 溶蝕孔等古玉跡象. 基於圖騰及刀工等因素推斷為盛唐時期佛像玉器. 本器無論造形, 刀工, 玉質言, 均屬上乘. 不但是藝術之瑰寶, 同時也是歷史,文化,宗教之見證, 彌足珍貴.

Appraisal Indexes:
1. quality of jade: 10
2. rareness: 9
3. historical and cultural significance: 9
4. workmanship: 10
5. size:10
6. condition: 10

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