An attempt to decode the legendary Ho’s Bi和氏璧(4)


According to an unconfirS__3751948med source, the diameter of The seal of Chin is 11.2cm(方圆四寸(约合今11.2厘米),the handle carved with five dragons (上纽交五龙).The seal may apply the same raw jade carving Ho’s bi. It is possible that when Chin conquered the other six states and acquired all the treasure of the six states, the raw jade of Ho’s bi is among them.

Now we may infer that the size of Ho’s bi should have the diameter less than 40 cms and larger than 22.4cm (11.2 x 2) assuming that the Ho’s bi using the center part of the raw jade and leave two sides remaining jade.Still_2019-05-08_092404_60X_N0164