Hongshan Culture Jade Knife, 紅山文化龍鳳玉刀L.33cm, T. 2.5-3.5cm, 1500grams


Made of  white jade, the handle of the knife has the shape of dragon head which may serve as the origin of the dragon motif for later period.

A bugle shape hole located at the mouth part of the dragon. The conjunction between the handle and the blade is decorated by motifs of phoenix on both ends. Again, the phoenix motif is believed to be the origin of phoenix for later times. The eyes of dragon and the phoenix have shown low relief carving style. On back side of the blade,  three new moon shape curves are seen. The hole at the dragon mouth has a horizontal incised line whose implication is unknown. The cutting-edge is blunt. The surface of the blade is concave with a surface slanting outside.

Antiquity evidences include  differential weathering,diffusive markings ( Compare with the horse head knife with single color diffusion, the multi-color diffusion of this jade may be the result of the process of bury in the ground more than once. For example, Hongshan jade has been found in the tomb of Fuhao in the Shang Dynasty.)  and additive crystal. The different color of diffusive marking resulting from different chemical provides a hint of the place the item unearth.) and exposed crystal planes(see lower right image), dissolved pits to prove its old age. With mastery workmanship, this artifact may be one of the the most beautiful large Hongshan jade knives.

still_2017-05-08_121031_60x_n0510红山文化龙凤玉刀L.33cm, T. 2.5-3.5cm, 1500g。本器刀把为龙首造型, 嘴部有喇叭状孔, 刀格两端则为凤首造型, 刀背呈三个連續内弯新月型, 刀锋厚实. 刀身表面向内凹陷, 边缘向外倾斜. 本器之玉质为和田黄玉种, 全器满布曝露晶面, 多处有溶蚀孔及差异风化, 古玉现象明显。

  1. quality of jade: 8
  2. rareness: 10
  3. historical and cultural significance: 9
  4. workmanship: 10
  5. size:10
  6. condition: 10