The Essence of Chinese Jade Collection Should Be Rediscovered

The Chinese is a nation who has shown a great appreciation on jade. The jade history in China can be traced back as long as eight thousand years in the Xinglongwa Culture ( BC6200-5400 ). The extent the Chinese cherishes jade can be realized by the way the Chinese compare the quality of gentleman to that of jade.
According to the Book of the Analysis of Chinese Characters (說文解字 Shuo Wen Chieh Tzu) of Hsu Shen (許慎) in Eastern Han dynasty( c. 100 B.C.), a classic definition of jade’s lasting appeal has been presented as follows:

Jade is a stone of beauty which can be revealed in its five virtues: its luster produces a feeling of warmth, the virtue of humaneness; its translucence enables one to comprehend its inner markings, revealing the virtue of morality; its purity ensures the austere virtue which harms no one.
  It is a great happiness to enjoy a jade object of good quality by watching its color, hearing its sound, touching its surface and reasoning its vein development.

Jade artifact identification has been practiced widely and in great detail on the identifying the age and the genuineness of jade objects. The appreciation of jade artifacts should not be only on the historical aspect. More appreciation should be placed on the aesthetics the jade artifact presents.

     The elegance of Chinese jade will be rediscovered if jade enjoyment can be matched with the final purpose to establish a harmonious society by following the virtues of jade.