Han Dynasty Jade Dragon Ru-Yi, 漢玉如意

54Carved with green tone jade, five dragons with Han Dynasty carving style  are on the handle of the Ru-Yi. Two dragons on each side of the handle facing each other. The fifth one is clinging on the handle with the head facing the other four.The carving is of mastery workmanship. Antiquity evidences consist of diffusive markings and calcification. 本器青玉雕琢, 如意上琢有五龍, 左右各兩隻, 面對面相向, 另一隻與如意平行, 頭部面對其他四龍, 各龍之造型具漢代風格, 栩栩如生, 全器刀工勁挺有力, 古玉跡象有擴散暈沁色及土沁.

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