Han Dynasty Jade Container漢玉甕

20141127002140Carved with white jade, this container has a lid and pixie handle on both sides. The lid has two sections, the top is an onion shape carving. The lower part is dragon motif. For the main part of the container, there are five dragons relief carvings on both sides. Mastery workmanship is shown. Antiquity evidences consist of diffusive marking,cleaving vein, calcification. 本器白玉雕琢, 蓋子頂端呈洋蔥形, 下方飾剔地雕法龍鳳紋, 甕主體左右飾回首辟邪各一作為執耳, 甕身整面飾螭龍紋剔地浮雕, 甕下端飾蓮花紋淺浮雕. 整體刀工精美細緻, 古玉跡象有擴散暈沁色, 冰裂紋及鈣化.(left image is Han Dynasty phoenix drawing)

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