Han Dynasty Seal of Emperor(皇帝之璽)


dragonDSCN1756a《後漢書·光武紀》建武三年注引蔡邕《獨斷》:「皇帝六璽,皆玉螭虎紐,文曰‘皇帝行璽’、‘皇帝之璽’、‘皇帝信璽’、‘天子行璽’、‘天子之璽’、‘天子信璽’,皆以武都紫泥封之。本印,青黃玉雕琢, 印鈕上方飾蟠龍, 底部印文為陽文皇帝信璽. 印鈕壁中央鑲嵌綠松石雙龍圖騰, 上下邊緣飾鑲嵌綠松石幾何紋.Carved with yellow green tone jade, the seal decorated a crouching dragon on the top of the seal handle. On the bottom there are protruding line script reading trusted seal of the emperor. On the wall of the handle, two Warrring States style inlaid turquoise dragons  facing each other are decorated. On the rims of both edge, geometric inlaid turquoise motifs are decorated. This is a unique Han Dynasty jade seal.

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