Shin Dynasty (AD8-25) Octagon-shape Jade Container新朝八角白玉壼

Shin Dynasty (AD8-25) Octagon-shape Jade Container with Dragon and Phoenix Motif and Inscriptions,H.21cm

The inscriptions of the four corners are translated as follows:The virtues of the original ancestor Emperor Huang has handed down to my nation.In the year of A.D. 9, the new system of measurement is announced for the first time, for all generations to follow forever.The twenty-four Chinese characters: 黃帝初祖長壽, 龍集己巳享傳, 初班天下子孫, 萬國永遵億年
appeared on the surfaces of the four corners of the container are digested from the eighty-one Chinese characters 黃帝初祖,德及于虞,虞帝始祖,德及予新,歲在大樑 ,龍集戊辰,戊辰直定,天命有民,據土德受 ,正號即真 ,改正建醜,長壽隆崇,同律度量衡,稽當前人,龍集己巳 ,歲次實沈,初班天下,萬國永遵,子子孫孫,享傳億年 。
inscribed on the outside wall the bronze container from Shin dynasty (A.D. 8-23) in the National Palace Museum collections.

%e5%98%89%e9%87%8fThis octagon-shape container is broader on the upper part and narrower on the lower part. The lid of the vase has an open octagon-shape tub. It is broader on the upper part and narrower on the lower part of the tub. There is a negative thunder motif between two thicker negative lines on the lower part of the lid. The same design also appears on the upper and lower parts of the main container . The four narrowest surfaces have inscriptions with negative lines. The two narrow surfaces have low relief phoenix motif. The two broader surfaces have low relief dragon motif. The design of the dragon has featured the fairy tale of King of sea dragon with motif of sea horse appears on the wings.The motifs of this container are picturesque with elegant lines and dexterous carving technique. It is reasonable to believe that this container is from the imperial palace of the Shin dynasty. The item is made of high quality white jade with evidences of diffusive markings, additive crystal and dissolved pits.The Shin dynasty is last only for a short period of fifteen years (from A.D. 8 to A.D.23), the artifact from its imperial palace is extremely rare. In addition, the inscriptions on it have recorded the history of the ancient Chinese measurement system. It is no doubt that this container is both important for its artistic value and historic value.

Appraisal Indexes:
1. quality of jade: 9
2. rareness: 10
3. historical and cultural significance: 10
4. workmanship: 10
5. size:7
6. condition: 10

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