Han Dynasty Empress Jade Seal,H.17.5cm, W.8.8cm

Han Dynasty Empress Jade Seal,H.17.5cm, W.8.8cm

Royal Seal is the symbol of imperial power. According to Era of Quangwu, the Book of Later Han:  There are six types of royal seal , that is ,The emperor seal for summer palace, Seal of the Emperor, The trust seal of the emperor, Seal of the Heaven’ son, The trusted seal of the Heaven’s son. The royal seal for the empress applies the same system as emperor. The present seal is the trusted seal of empress. Carved by white jade, the handle has a design of phoenix. The base has protrude lines of scripts reading the trusted seal of empress.

漢皇后信璽,高17.5公分, 寬8.8公分

d209844印璽是皇權的象徵,帝﹑后璽的特點是﹕均稱“璽”《後漢書·光武紀》中記載:「皇帝六璽,皆玉螭虎紐,文曰『皇帝行璽』、『皇帝之璽』、『皇帝信璽』、『天子行璽』、『天子之璽』、『天子信璽』。皇后的璽文亦同。 本器皇后信璽,  青玉雕琢, 印鈕為直立鳳鳥高浮雕, 線條流暢, 刀工精美, 底座為方形立體, 印文為方形篆文陽紋皇后信璽, 皇字為自部, 承襲秦小篆體。 本器古玉跡象為鈣化, 冰裂紋及擴散暈沁色。

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