Warring States Kneeling Man Supporting Win Cup戰國袱爵玉跪人

1-1506241H251P1These objects have the motifs of Shang Dynasty. Kneeling statues are popular motifs in S1-1506241H126264hang Dynasty jades. The kneeling posture may a symbol of respect to God or to superior person. In the Chinese language, jade has the pronunciation of meet and the kneeling has the pronunciation of people of big help. Therefore, the jade kneeling person carries the meaning of meeting someone of big help. The objects here are carved with green tone jade,the kneeling person is supporting a wine cup. The wine cup has the Shang Dynasty design style with two mushroom shape sticks sitting on both edge of the opening area of the cup. The edge has the thunder cloud motif with incise line. On one side of the cup, there is a notched structure of the typical Shang Dynasty motif. On the surface of the cup, there are low relief dragon on both side. The kneeling man wears formal dress with thunder cloud incise line on the laces of sleeve, the collar, the lower edge of cloth and the end part of trousers. Antiquity evidences are dissolved pits, differential weathering and calcification.