Spring Autumn Period Jade Cong


鳳鳥座神面如意雲紋方琮 H.9cm, W. 7cm. 本器之造型在玉琮中相當獨特, 底座系以四隻鳳鳥為之, 鳳鳥呈站立展翅狀. 鳳鳥似乎又以帽冠作為支撐. 玉琮四面則以四個圓形紋飾及如意雲紋組成抽象的神面. 本器之佈局平衡, 刀工精美, 如意雲紋具有春秋玉器特色.ccc

dscn0333Spring Autumn Period Jade Cong. H.9cm, W. 7cm. The cong has the shape of square cube with four wing opening phoenix holding the four corner. The four sides of the cong are decorated with lying silkworms and auspicious clouds which have the Spring Autumn low relief carving style. Antiquity evidences include cleaving vein, dissolved pit and calcification( Lower right image is a Western Zhou Dynasty jade cong)

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