戰國 S龍珮, L.21cm, H.11cm, A New Definition of S-shape Dragon

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戰國S龍玉珮對,L.21cm,H.11cm。 S龍造型玉佩系戰國玉器之特有風格,龍系飛翔空中穿梭於雲霧間之吉祥物,從設計之造型上,為了達到雲之效果,便在龍身之間,加上一橫向體表示天界 。 本器白玉雕琢,雙面對稱,飾勾聯雲紋,古玉跡象為擴散暈沁色,鈣化及增生晶體。Webp.net-gifmaker - 2020-07-19T185229.382Webp.net-gifmaker - 2020-07-19T184921.292

Warring States S-shape Dragon Plaque,  21cm x 11cm. Carved with top-grade Hetian jade, these pair of S-shape dragon plaques have the main motif of a dragon, on the body, there is a phoenix. On the surface, there is a motif of a crop on one plague and the connected cloud motif on the other. Antiquity evidence consists of diffusive markings and calcification. This kind of jade plaque has been called S dragon for a long time. The uniqueFor any questions, please