Hongshan Culture Jade Dragon Head Ax 紅山龍首玉斧H.24cm,W. 15cm, 1170grams






S__3612677紅山龍首玉斧, H.24cm,W. 15cm, 1170grams

紅山文化玉器形制中, 以龍首, 馬首, 鷹首作為刀, 斧等柄部的情形十分多見. 本器黃玉雕琢, 以龍首為柄部, 柄部一側琢成鉞, 鉞與柄部之間有一孔, 雙向雕琢, 孔外部寬闊, 中心部分較窄. 柄部另一側雕琢成內彎曲鉤. 本器古玉跡象為曝露晶面, 增生晶體及擴散暈沁色.

Carved with a shape combined with dragon and ax to form a special human form.

Measurement: H.24cm,W. 15cm, 1170grams

Antiquity evidence: Additive crystals, exposed crystal planes

Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade: 7
  2. rareness: 9
  3. historical and cultural significance:8
  4. workmanship: 8
  5. size:8
  6. condition: 10IMG_2888

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