Chin Dynasty Jade Eagle Pair, H.13cms

bird (1)Carved with green tone Hetian jade, the objects are a pair of baby eagles. The thick eyebrows are elaborately carved with the end curling up to generate an effect of beauty. This kind of thick eyebrows are often seen in the Han Dynasty jade eagles. On the neck, there is a V shape structure which may be an emblem of a particular state in the Warring States period. On the breast, there are two young dragons facing each other. Between the wing and the breast, there are square cloud motif. The wings are carved delicately with deep incise lines. Antiquity evidences are calcification and dissolved pits.秦代玉鷹對, H.13cms, 本器青玉雕琢, 幼鷹形制, 濃眉大眼, 胸前飾二幼龍, 頸部飾勾狀神秘符號, 翅膀羽毛以兩種式樣呈現, 前方呈圓片狀, 後翼以疊層斜線表示, 整體雕琢風格古樸有力, 既可愛有神秘. 古玉跡象為溶蝕孔及鈣化.

Appraisal Indexes:
1. quality of jade: 8
2. rareness: 8
3. historical and cultural significance: 7
4. workmanship: 8
5. size:7
6. condition: 10

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