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All items listed here have been authenticated using the scientific method described in this website by Prof. Chen all items will be attached certificate.( sample certificate:Jade Plaque Certificate)

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LIST of SALES ITEMS(Prices are negotiable):

Hongshan Culture Jade Ax,L. 29cm,W.13cm, 1030grams Sales Price US$5,000

Hongshan Culture Condor Head Ax,L.26cm,H.15cm,1070grams Sales Price US$5,000

Hongshan Culture Jade Dragon Head Ax,H.24cm,W. 15cm, 1170grams Sales Price US$5,000

Spring Autumn Jade Plaque,L.7.5cm, W.6.5cm, T.1cm 120 grams Sales Price US$3,000

Warring States Jade Plaque, W. 15cm, H.8cm, 110grams  Sales Price US$2,000

Warring States Jade plaque,H. 7.1cm, W.6.0cm,. T.0.5cm, 51 grams Sales Price US$2,500

Spring Autumn Jade plaque, L. 7.3cm, W. 5cm, 75grams Sales Price US$2,500

Spring Autumn Jade plaque, L. 8.5cm, W.3. 5cm, 60grams Sales Price US$2,000

Warring States Jade plaque, D. 7.5cm, 50 grams  Sales Price US$1,000

Xia Dynasty Jade Ring, D. 9.8cm, 75grams Sales Price: US$3,000

Spring Autumn Jade Mouse, L.10cm, H.4cm,W.3.5cm, 220grams Sales Price:US$2,000

Qijia Culture spindle-shaped bi L. 8cm, W. 8cm, 120grams Sales Price: US$3,000

Qijia Culture Jade Notched bi, D.9.3cm,60grams Sales Price US$2,000

Hongshan Culture Jade bracelet 8.5cm x 7.2cm x 2.3 cm, 75grams  US$2,000