Liangzhu Culture jade Comb Handle, H.6.8cm, W. 13.5cm, T. 0.4cm, 130grams - 2020-08-05T174338.592


Based on the motif and carving style, the object is identified as Liangzhu Culture jade plaque, similar item is seen as Crown shape jade plaque. H.6cm, Upper W. 9.15cm, Lower W.7.5cm, T.0.35cm,unearthed in 1986 at Graveyard of Fan Shan Village, Zhi Shan Country,  Chang Ming County, Yuhang District, A collection of Zhejiang Provincial Archaeologist Institute. Antiquity evidences include differential weathering, and dissolved pits.
Appraisal - 2020-08-05T174505.457
1. quality of jade: 6
2. rareness: 7
3. historical and cultural significance: 6
4. workmanship: 7
5. size: 3
6. condition: 10