Chinese Antique Collection is a Process of Learning and Patience


A true story of my collection experience. In the year of 2000 when I was the accounting department manager of the Taiwan Bills Company in Taipei, there was one evening in summer, my classmate who was an antique dealer appeared at my presence. He brought a piece of antique jade to me and said:” How you like it?” When he opened the case, an extraordinary piece of antique jade suddenly caught my attention. I could not help to show my excitement. The antique jade is a Sanxingdui Culture priest holding a jade cong. I said I will take it by the price he offered. He said there were two more. I told him to bring to me as soon as possible. Several hours later, he appeared with two more pieces. They were priest holding huang and priest holding kuei.

After a while, a thought come up to me. According to the Chinese ritual jades, the whole set should be six: the bi, the cong, the huang, the kue, the tiger and the zhang. I ask him to find the other three for me. Two months later, he came back with the priest hold bi. I was so exciting that he came back with the priest holding the bi. As a matter of fact, the four pieces already serve the set because the huang and the tiger are the same, the kuei and the zhang are the same just like the jade in the Han Dynasty.