Hongshan Culture Jade Eagle 紅山文化玉鷹H. 25cm, W. 22cm, 3500grams




The bright and piercing eyes carved with incised lines with the design more reflect the real object to confo0916certificate030rm the later genre of the Hongshan culture artifacts. On the backside of the eagle are two smooth double slant incised lines between the wings and the body. The beat is presented by a 120 degree angle with a v shape incised line. A double side bugle shape holes pertinent to Hongshan culture is located at the neck on the back side.

ming-dynastyMade of fine quality jade( white tone nephrite has a prominent mode within the low wavenumber range of 600-800 tested by Raman spectrometer with antiquity evidences of differential weathering ,exposed crystal plane and diffusive markings, the style of carving and hole drilling method and ancient tool mark conforms the characteristics of Hongshan culture artifacts, and with perfect workmanship, fine quality jade and big size of 3500 grams and H. 25cm( much bigger than the one H.18.3cm which had been claimed the biggest in 2004 ) , it is a rather rare and extremely valuable Hongshan jade eagle artifact.


To reflect Hongshan people’s dream of flying high in the sky, eagles are one of the main motifs other than the C-dagon or pig dragon for the Hongshan Culture jades. With strong and solid chest and the wings wide open, this eagle seems ready to fly high. The designs of eagle have evolved from simple shapes of more abstract forms into more detail ones.  This eagle is seen detail design to represent the later period Hongshan genre. Coupled with high quality of jade, large size and mastery workmanship, this is a valuable rare Hongshan artifact.

Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade: 10
  2. rareness: 10
  3. historical and cultural significance: 9
  4. workmanship: 9
  5. size:10
  6. condition: 10本件紅山文化玉鷹, 構圖優美, 以圓形的弧線為主, 陰線雕琢的雙目炯炯有神, 嘴部尖銳, 前額及鼻頭, 由於深褐色呈現鑽石形, 經由大自然的助力, 玉隼的頭部給人的的感覺,渾圓飽滿, 近乎完美.玉隼的胸部圓潤堅實. 雙翼敞開, 遨翔天際之舉, 蓄勢待發. 雙爪緊握有力.尾部羽毛微張, 線條優美. 背面除翅膀與背部之間各有一條雙斜面的陰線外,其餘部分則為平面. 不僅如此,即使是任何單面,其線條也不會和諧一致。牟老說這是鑒別真假紅山玉最為關鍵的點。).在現有文獻類似形制中,如此大型而精美者, 實屬罕見. 頸部附近有左右貫穿的象鼻孔尾部有砣痕本件玉質經拉曼光譜測定為白玉 , 潔白晶瑩,在紅山玉器中十分罕見. 而本器無論刀工或鑽孔方式, 均符合牟永抗所認為的紅山文化特徵孔壁的螺絲紋寬窄、細密不均,高低起伏也很大,溝洼兩面並不對稱,

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