Liangzhu Culture Jade Cong H.11.8cm, D.19cm, 11kgs




This cong is similar in design but bigger than the one( H. 8.8cm, E.D. 17.6cm, Weight 6.5kgs ) unearthed from Fan Shan Graveyard, Chih Shan Village, Chang Min Township, Yu Hang County, Zhejiang Province,1986. A collection of Archaeology Institute of Zhejiang Province. Antiquity evidences include differential weathering, exposed crystal planes and additive crystals. Some spots  are seen black elements covered over the on the incised carving lines to confirm that the black color formed naturally  after the carving.



wKgBzFQ23AuAaRttAAiFQsN55h4003良渚文化玉琮, H.11.8cm, E.D.19cm,  11kgs。本器大于中国浙江省 1986出土余杭县长命乡雉山村反山墓地出土浙江省文物考古研究所藏之琮王(H. 8.8cm, E.D. 17.6cm,  6.5kgs) ,四个角落各有两组神兽纹, 而各面中间则为两幅神人骑兽纹. 各细线系由细斜线所组成. 神兽纹为浅浮雕. 本器差异风化及次生长结晶等古玉迹象明显。

Appraisal Indexes:
1. quality of jade: 9
2. rareness: 9
3. historical and cultural significance: 9
4. workmanship: 9
5. size:10
6. condition: 10

Provenance: Private collection, USA


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