Sanxingdui Culture Priests, 三星堆文化祭司獻瑞 H.45cms







Jade  Statues Set with Priests Holding Bi, Cong, Huang & Kuei, H.45cms

This is the set of four pieces. Each one is composed with five separate pieces which are the priest’s body above from the legs, the two legs, the stand with backward angle, the  phoenix headstand with four faces, and the open work base. The exaggerate S__3719179presentation of protruding eyes of the priest and the phoenix had the stick design to imply the powerful eyesight. The big butterfly wind style ears of the priest may have the implication of powerful hearing. The dress, the carving style of thin incised line with cloud motifs, the slant carving of thunder and the open work with a rope motif all confirm the typical art genre of the Warring States.  Made of white Hetian nephrite with additive crystal, dissolved pits,differential weathering and diffusive markings, coupled with historical significance, cultural importance, artistic implication and mastery workmanship( please be noted that the multiple contours and the detail of curvature shown in the design of the shoulder has explained the mastery workmanship which modern copy would never know. In addition, beautiful contour surface of the phoenix on the base also explained it all), this set of jade priests is believed to be the definitive, topknot collection of the S__3719180Sanxingdui Culture jade artifacts. 本组玉祭司共计四件: 分别为持玉璧祭司, 持玉琮祭司, 持玉圭祭司, 持玉璜祭司. 各件均通高45cm, 系由下列五个部份黏合而成: 祭司腿部以上, 双脚, 内角方座, 四面凤首座, 镂空底座. 各件玉祭司均由和田白玉雕成, 祭司的眼睛及凤眼神系为圆柱造型, 可能表示千里眼; 祭司的大型蝶式耳朵可能表示顺风耳. 祭司的头冠, 服饰, 游丝勾卷云纹, 内角方座的斜刀雷纹, 镂空底座的绹纹都是典型的战国纹饰古玉跡象有擴散暈沁色,差異风化及斑晶等古玉现象.  本组玉祭司刀工流畅严谨, 玉质精美,实乃三星堆文化玉器中之极品.

Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade: 9
  2. rareness: 10
  3. historical and cultural significance: 10
  4. workmanship: 10
  5. size:10
  6. condition: 9

Proverb: Manners maketh man (English).


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