Liangzhu Culture 7- Tiers Jade Cong, H.22.5cm, 1430grams




良渚文化玉琮, H.22.5cm, 1430grams玉琮为礼玉之一, 用以祭地. 本器为地方玉雕琢之良渚文化典型玉琮, 上端较下端稍宽, 可能是表徵對天神的敬畏, 本玉琮共有七节, 似有七级浮屠之意. 主要图腾为云气纹及神徽相间浅雕, 古玉迹象为差异风化, 增生晶体及溶蚀孔. Cong is one of the ritual jade which is believed to devote to the heaven. This cong has seven tiers with the top slightly broader than the bottom implies to respect the God in the heaven. However, congs in later periods either with the same width or with the bottom slightly broader than the top may be the significance has been shifted to devote to the earth God. Antiquity of this object includes differential weathering, additive crystal and dissolved pits.Still_2016-06-04_172734_60X_N0410


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