Qing Dynasty Jade Container, 清白玉壼H.29cm


images (4)本器白玉雕琢全器包含壼蓋及壼身 壼蓋頂端飾有洋蔥頭之鈕 左右飾鳳形線條 壼頸及壼身下部兩側飾如意形執耳壼頸與壼身間及壼下端飾蓮花紋淺浮雕 壼身主體飾花卉 本器玉質晶瑩溫潤設計優美。Carved with top quality white jade, the lid has an onion shape top attached phoenix on both sides. The neck of the container is narrow and annexed with ruyi on each side, the body is wide at the center, decreasing in size towards the bottom end with ruyi shape loose rings. The bottom end is decorated with lotus. The design is extraordinary beautiful with mastery workmanship.