Sanxingdui Culture Jade Priest, 三星堆玉祭司H.20cm


Based on the carving style, this gray tone jade priest is identified as a Sanxingdui Culture artifact. The hands are seen the posture as the bronze priest unearthed from the number 2 praying pit in Quanghai Sanxingdui, a collection of Sanxingdui Museum.The priest is standing on the square cube with four sides with the motif of connected sprouts having a style of Warring States. The bottom of the base has ancient Chinese scripts of 令出止奔 ( upon seeing the order, stop marching) . Antiquity evidences include additive crystal, cleaving vein, dissolved pits and differential weathering.本件玉祭司與已出土三星堆文化銅人雷DSCN3246同. 雙手也是呈半握拳式, 有些文獻認為三星堆文化此類人物造型, 雙手似乎托著某種器物. 但是雙手半握拳中空部分的角度並不同, 除非每手各持一物, 否則雙手的握姿與持著同一物體的表現不一致.如果從宗教的角度來思考, 也許是可以解釋的. 古今中外各種宗教, 在進行儀式時, 經常是借重于手勢來傳達某些特定意義的. 最明顯的例子是佛教密宗的結手印, 雙手與手指配合的姿勢, 都有特殊的涵義, 其次, 一般的玉器形制, 大都將所持之物直接刻上. 本器系祭司造型, 從宗教的角度來解釋雙手呈半握拳式,應該是合理的.  本器之玉質為灰白色閃玉, 與本網站三星堆文化鎮國將軍及商玉龍魚之玉質相同. 祭司服飾上系以遊絲式雕琢雷紋 (或稱回紋,象徵氣流之迴圈)(出現單線及雙線兩種刀工), 祭司站立之底座四面為戰國時代流行的勾連雲紋, 座底為小篆銘文 (令出止奔). 本器有明顯的差異風化, 增生晶體, 溶蝕孔與冰裂紋等古玉跡象. SanxingduipriestCarving11Script: 令出止奔( Stop marching after the order )

Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade: 7
  2. rareness: 8
  3. historical and cultural significance: 7
  4. workmanship: 8
  5. size: 3
  6. condition: 10

s__2809925 (1)a


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