Sanxingdui Culture Jade Priest, 三星堆玉祭司H.20cm


Based on the carving style, this gray tone jade priest is identified as a Sanxingdui Culture artifact. The hands are seen the posture as the bronze priest unearthed from the number 2 praying pit in Quanghai Sanxingdui, a collection of Sanxingdui Museum.The priest is standing on the square cube with four sides with the motif of connected sprouts having a style of Warring States. The bottom of the base has ancient Chinese scripts of 令出止奔 ( upon seeing the order, stop marching) . Antiquity evidences include additive crystal, cleaving vein, dissolved pits and differential weathering.

.三星堆玉祭司H.20cm。 本件玉祭司与已出土三星堆文化铜人雷同. 双手也是呈半握拳式, 似乎托着某种器物. 但是双手半握拳中空部分的角度并不同, 从宗教的角度来解释可能较为合理.  本器之玉质为灰白色闪玉, 与本网站三星堆文化镇国将军及商玉龙鱼之玉质相同. 祭司服饰上系以游丝式雕琢雷纹, 祭司站立之底座四面为战国时代流行的勾连云纹, 座底为小篆陽文铭文 (令出止奔) , 本器可能用作军事令符。 增生晶體, 溶蝕孔與冰裂紋等古玉跡象. Script: 令出止奔( Stop marching by the order )




Appraisal Indexes:

  1. quality of jade:9
  2. rareness: 10
  3. historical and cultural significance: 9
  4. workmanship: 9
  5. size: 5
  6. condition: 9