Tang Dynasty Jade Seal 唐代龍紋彩繪陽文皇帝之印玉印


唐代龍紋彩繪陽文皇帝之印玉印, H. 12 cm,W.10cm, D, 7cm, 1300 grams. The Tang Dynasty was an important period in the development of Chinese painting art. The painted drawing skills have been very mature.With rich colors and ornate to create the perfect visual effects, the Tang Dynasty has created various colorful painted works on different material, jade is one of them.

3548A“Tang San Cai” is a colorful and beautiful 3047386a356850593232pottery in the Tang Dynasty, tricolor glaze colors is not only three kinds! Sancai may have many different colors, because in the eyes of the Chinese people, the “three” means many, although Sancai may be advent in the Han Dynasty, “Tang San Cai” is still the most famous in the whole world. The style of dragon is similar to that of the Dragons on the robe of Portrait Scroll of Emperor Tang Taichong, collection of National Palace Museum in Taipei. The dragon carving style has shown the Tang Dynasty. The fire motif of Zoroastrianism has the characteristics of the western countries of the Tang Dynasty to reveal that fact that cultural and economic exchange between the west and the Tang Dynasty is common. Made of Hetian jade with green tone, this seal of the emperor with the characteristic of Tang San Cai is unique and rare in the Chinese jade seals. Antiquity evidences include differential weathering, cleaving vein and additive crystals. In addition, ancient tool mark is seen. The style of the script is front side presentation implies that this seal is used for commemorate one of the emperors in the Tang Dynasty and kept in underground palace.

唐代龙纹彩绘阳文皇帝之印玉印, H. 12 cm,W.10cm, D, 7cm, 1300 g。  唐代是我国彩绘艺术发展的一个重要阶段。 彩绘的绘制技艺已经非常成熟。 它以丰富的色彩、华丽的图案为人们创造出完美的视觉效果,尤其是唐代创造的五彩间金装,使彩绘作品更显绚丽多彩金碧辉煌。 唐以前,彩绘图案以花草为主,纹式比较单一。 到了唐代,在众多知名画家的启发下,开始有了形象生动活泼形态各异的飞禽走兽。 莫高窟最鼎盛的雕塑、彩绘艺术都是出自唐代, 本器材质为和阗青玉, 古玉迹象有差异风化及增生晶体。本印印文皇帝之印係正面寫法, 表示本印係用於紀念唐代皇帝(最有可能是唐太宗)保存於地宮, 而非實用性之印章.

Appraisal Indexes:
1. quality of jade: 10
2. rareness: 10
3. historical and cultural significance: 10
4. workmanship: 9
5. size:9
6. condition: 10

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