Shang Dynasty Jade Musical Slab


Jade Musical Slab H. 15cm, W. 8.5cm, 375grams. With the shape of shorter zhang and bronze bell having narrower handle with a long round hole, this musical slab has Shang Dynasty motif of deity face and hooked sword with plain level reduction carving style. Antiquity evidences include additive crystal and exposed crystal plane.Still_2017-03-20_042138_60X_N0465
1商代,本器為金鐘造型之玉磬. 上端為長方形的柄, 中間有一細長的孔,以便玉磬之懸掛, 柄面有六組直角形的折鐵線. 上面兩個區間組成神面紋, 下面兩個區間祥雲紋. 連接祥雲紋的是八個三角形的鋸齒紋. 本器的雕工為陽線淺浮雕, 本器系以和田水料白玉雕成.

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