Hongshan Culture 紅山文化馬首刀L. 42cm, 2500grams

003szkb0zy6wtkzchuh8d690Made of nephrite, this jade artifact is emphasized in shape rather than the lines of curvature appeared on the surface as by many Hongshan Culture jade. With horse head as the handle of the knife whose design has bold and rough style, this jade knife has the form of the most typical shape of an ancient Chinese weapon knife.  As short mane and mouth looking of the horse is seen, it may be  Mongolian Tarpan of five thousand years ago. The horse style of the jade knife has shown that it is the horse found in Mongolia which belongs to the geographical area of the Hongshan culture. Dissolved pits and additive crystals are seen in various areas of the knife

240px-equus_przewalskii_shinjang本器刀把為馬首造型, 本器之玉質為和田玉種, 全器滿布增生晶體,多處有溶蝕孔及差異風化, 古玉現象明顯. 本件馬首玉刀之短鬃短嘴形態係古蒙古Tarpan種馬.本器系紅山文化類似形制中屬於大件之精品.

 Appraisal Indexes:
1. quality of jade: 8
2. rareness: 9
3. historical and cultural significance: 8
4. workmanship: 9
5. size:9
6. condition: 10

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