Warring States Jade Tiger, L. 30.5cm, H. 8cm, 戰國玉虎


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U414P1T1D4455559F21DT20040929105748本器玉虎眼睛為臣字形, 雙耳為蘑菇狀, 背部及腹部兩側為減地陽線與陰線組合直角鉤雲紋, 四肢上部為剔地淺浮雕迴旋雲紋, 尾部為雙陰線水波紋.Carved with white jade, the object has the shape of tiger couching on the ground, may be it prepares to attack the prey. The eye has a carving style of the Chinese character “臣”, the ears have mushroom shape. On both side of the belly, there are square shape convex cloud motif. On the hip, there are leveling low relief cloud motif. The tail has incised V shape carvings.