Liangzhu Culture jade septic權仗乎? 法器乎? 良渚文化錐形器, L.33.5cm, W.3.5cm

dscn0392 (1)本器呈四方錐形, 中央較寬, 琢有良渚特徵之神面淺浮雕, 兩端較細, 前端銳利, 柄部圓柱狀, 鑽有一孔.本器之功能可能是祭司與上天通靈的法器, 或為良渚貴族或首領之權仗. 根據蒋卫东資料, 玉锥形器是良渚文化玉器中很特殊的一类,见于各等级墓葬,形体硕大、琢刻纹饰的玉锥形器,无一例外都出于大型墓葬。本器形制與瑤山12號墓, 玉錐形器雷同.

a1111Based on the carving style and motif, the object is identified as Liangzhu Culture jade septic. Similar object is seen for the awl shape jade of L. 34cm, W.1.5cm, unearthed in 1982 from Graveyard N0.9 Fuquan San District, Qingpu, Shanghai Municipality. A collection of Regulatory Commission of Shanghai Municipality.  Antiquity evidences include differential weathering, dissolved pits and additive crystals.( Lower left image is a National Palace Museum collection)

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