Han Dynasty Goddess of the West Jade Cup, H.20cm

漢代西王母品名:漢角瓶 H.20 cm.:《史記·趙世家》稱周穆王西王母相會於崑崙山,《漢武帝內傳》有西王母贈仙桃給漢武帝的情節。本件漢代西王母角瓶西王母與鳳鳥合而為一, 鳳鳥頭部長在西王母胸部, 角瓶外緣附著另一鳳鳥, 羽毛細節佈置疏密有當, 栩栩如生。本件刀工精美, 有差異風化, 擴散暈沁色, 增生晶體等古玉跡象.Carved with extra fine quality white jade, this horn shape cup has the Goddess of the west heaven embodied the phoenix body holding the horn shape cup. Another phoenix climbing on the top edge of the cup. Low relief carving of the feather of the bird are extraordinary elegant. In addition,   antiquity evidences are found in additive crystals, diffusive markings and differential weathering.